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Origins of Coffee: Ethiopia's Contributions to the World of Coffee

by Drip City Coffee

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Embark on a caffeinated journey through time with Drip City Coffee's exclusive course, "Origins of Coffee: Ethiopia's Contributions to the World of Coffee." This one-hour in-person experience is specially designed for coffee enthusiasts and loyal customers of Drip City Coffee who wish to deepen their understanding of the rich heritage and pivotal role Ethiopia has played in the global coffee narrative.

Delve into the captivating story of coffee's discovery in the lush highlands of Ethiopia and explore how Africa has shaped the coffee industry into what it is today. Our expert-led session will guide you through the intriguing history of coffee, unveil its cultural significance, and introduce you to the traditional home brewing methods that highlight the unique flavors of African coffees.

During this immersive course, you will:
- Discover the legendary origins of coffee and its journey from Ethiopia to the rest of the world.
- Learn about Africa's invaluable contributions to the cultivation and spread of coffee.
- Master home brewing techniques that bring out the full richness and complexity of Ethiopian coffee.

As a token of our appreciation and to continue your coffee exploration at home, all attendees will receive an exclusive Drip City Coffee T-shirt and a 12oz retail bag of our finest Ethiopian coffee.

Join us for an hour that promises to be as enriching as the coffee itself. Secure your spot in this limited-capacity course and awaken your senses to the stories and flavors of Ethiopian Coffee.

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